All students of the Indreswar Sarma Academy are required to know and obey the Rules and Regulations detailed below. These Rules and Regulations are subject to amendment by the Management Board at their sole discretion whenever it may be deemed necessary. The authority of the Academy reserves the right to use their discretion in all matters. All students of the Indreswar Sarma Academy are requested to ensure the observance of the following code of discipline to enable the successful completion of the course.

  • Punctual and regular attendance in the class is mandatory
  • If a student does not attend in at least 75% of the total classes he/she shall be declared discollegiate and shall not be allowed to appear in the Annual Examinations. However, the Principal may relax this rule under rare circumstances such as medical ground or participating in sports or any other cultural activities.
  • The name of any student who fails to attend classes for 15 (fifteen) days without any valid reason shall be struck off from the roll register.
  • In case of absence due to illness or unavoidable urgent work, it is mandatory for the student to submit a leave letter duly signed by the parents, immediately on return to the college.
  • No student is allowed to leave the college premises without a written permission from the Principal or a valid reason from the parents or guardians.

  • All notices issued by the Academy to the students at any time require mandatory reading and strict obedience.
  • Any act or conduct of a student which interrupts, interferes or disrupts the functioning of the Academy or impairs the good relationship between the Academy and the student or tarnishes the good name of the Academy shall be treated as breach of discipline and the student shall be liable to pay fine or be subject to expulsion or both as Management may deem fit.
  • Any activity of extra academic nature adversely affecting the academic atmosphere or study is prohibited. Indulgence in such activity by the student shall be viewed as an act of breach of discipline and dealt with strictly and may lead to expulsion of the student from the college.
  • Students in class rooms must remain disciplined and quiet at all times, irrespective of whether there is a teacher in the class or not. Rowdiness of any kind sufficient to disturb neighbouring classes shall not be tolerated and may lead to expulsion of the student from the college.
  • The students are expected to show due respect to all teaching staff as well as non-teaching staff of the Academy. They should be polite and courteous in their behaviour at all times. Misbehaviour with teaching/non-teaching staff or any other student or person shall lead to disciplinary action.
  • Ragging in and around the college premises is strictly prohibited. Those students who are found involved in ragging shall be expelled from the Academy.
  • Student must come to the college in proper uniform. They must carry their identity card with them.
  • Student must keep the college premises clean and handle with care the furniture, books and other articles etc. Any damage done to the college property shall be considered as a serious breach of discipline and damage shall have to be compensated by payment of a fine to the extent of the value of the property concerned along with a proper penalty and may even result in the suspension of the student from the Academy.
  • Students are advised to bring their text-books for all subjects. Students without proper books shall not be allowed to attend the classes.
  • Possession of any instrument, gadget or devices such as mobile phone, i-pods, laptop, pagers are not allowed in the campus. Students who are found to violate this rule are liable to be fined or punished or even rusticated from the Academy.
  • Any student who is found to submit incorrect information or any kind of forged documents during or after admission is liable to be expelled from the college.
  • Any student found spitting on the walls or damaging the college building or its surroundings are liable to be fined or punished or both.